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Gobi Tours Mongolia

Gobi Tours Mongolia

Gobi Desert is a land of dinosaurs and it is the home for camel breeders rich with wildlife and vegetation. Dinosaur skeletons and their petrified eggs have been preserved here to the present day. Experience cheap gobi desert Tours Mongolia with us and travel Gobi Mongolia. In the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park, the Khongoryn Els sand dunes are said to sing when the wind blows. The park also features the deep ice field of Yolyn Am canyon. Dinosaur fossils have been found at the red “Flaming Cliffs” of Bayanzag.

Highlights of Gobi Tour Mongolia is Khongor sand dunes, Flaming cliffs etc…

Khongor sand dune
The Khongor Sand Dunes are some of the largest and most impressive white sand dunes in Mongolia.
The sounds of shifting sand blown by the wind have given Khongor the nickname “Singing Sand Dunes”, Hongor Sand Dunes stretches more than 180 km (112 miles) with majestic heights of 15-30 m. The largest dunes are North West of the range up to 800 meters high. You can climb to the top of the sand dunes and slide down: simultaneously the dune begins to make an amazing sound: similar to singing. There is beautiful green oasis known as Seruun Bulag near the Khongor River. From the top of the sand dunes, the view of the desert is awesome.

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