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Adventure Tours Mongolia

Explore Mongolia Adventure tour

8 Days/ 7 Nights

Horseback Mongolia Adventure tour

8 Days/ 7 nights

 Western Mongolia Tour

13 Days/ 12 Nights

 Gobi and Horseback tour

About Adventure Tours Mongolia?

Mongolia Adventure tour give you unique experiences you can’t find elsewhere. Riding horses across the steppes or hiking through rugged terrains provides an adrenaline rush and a sense of achievement. Mongolia Adventure tour activities such as horse riding and hiking can be physically and mentally challenging. Overcoming these challenges can boost your confidence and provide a sense of accomplishment. Experiencing adventure, learning about different cultures, and enjoying nature creates memories you’ll never forget. In summary, choosing adventure tours Mongolia, such as horse riding and hiking, offers not just a physical adventure but a holistic experience that encompasses nature, culture, personal growth, and unforgettable memories.

Top Things To Do During Adventure Tours Mongolia

 Horseback riding: Riding horses in Mongolia is a great way to explore its vast landscapes and experience its unique culture. Mongolia is famous for its horses and nomadic traditions. Horses have been essential to Mongolian nomads for a long time.

Stunning Landscapes: Riding on horseback allows you to fully immerse yourself in these natural wonders. You will reach places where few tourists venture, offering a more authentic and off-the-beaten-path experience.

Trekking and Hiking: Explore the Altai Tavan bogd National park’s scenic trails on foot, trekking through diverse landscapes, including glaciers, alpine lakes, and lush valleys.

Gobi Desert: One of the world’s most famous deserts, the Gobi is a vast region known for its unique landscapes, including sand dunes, rocky mountains, and the Flaming Cliffs, a paleontological site rich in dinosaur fossils.

Adventure and Freedom: Mongolia Adventure tour gives you a sense of freedom and adventure as you navigate the vast open spaces, forging your own path and discovering new horizons.

Camping: Camp in the wilderness under the clear Mongolian sky. Experience the serenity of the park and stargaze in the unpolluted night sky.

Nomadic Culture: Mongolia is known for its rich nomadic culture. Meeting and staying with nomadic families in traditional gers (yurts) gives you a firsthand look at their way of life, their warm hospitality, and their unique traditions.

When to Go to Mongolia?

The best time to experience Mongolia Adventure tour is during the Mongolian summer, from mid-June to the last week of August. This is the best time of the year to visit Mongolia in terms of weather. You’ll enjoy sunny days throughout the country, and there’s enough rainfall to make the steppes lush and green. Both June and September are very pleasant times to visit Mongolia. September, in particular, offers an enjoyable, colorful experience with comfortable temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold. During this time, nomads have plenty of dairy products and are busy processing milk in preparation for winter.

In terms of specific months

July is the best time to witness the Mongolia Naadam Festival.

The best season for a Gobi Desert tour is from June to September, with October being the shoulder season.

July to August is the ideal season for traveling to Northern Mongolia and taking a tour of Khuvsgul Lake, while September marks the beginning of the shoulder season.

The first week of October is a great opportunity to attend the Golden Eagle Festival in Altai, Western Mongolia.

February is the best time to experience Mongolia’s winter season.

Mongolia’s Seasons

Summer (June to August): Peak tourist season with warm weather and lush, green landscapes. Ideal for Mongolia Adventure tour outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding, and camping. Don’t miss the Naadam Festival in July.

Autumn (September to October): Pleasant weather with changing colors, perfect for trekking and photography.

Winter (November to February): Extremely cold, great for experiencing a true Mongolian winter with activities like ice fishing, dog sledding, and winter festivals. Be prepared for subzero temperatures, especially in Ulaanbaatar.

Spring (March to May): Transitional period with milder temperatures, but it can still be chilly, especially in March. Good for birdwatching as landscapes start to turn green, though road conditions may be challenging due to lingering winter effects. Epxlore Adventure Tours Mongolia with us!