Highly Recommended. A perfect trip and a perfect tour operator

We (family of four with girls and 9 and 7) loved our 4-night tour that was organised with care and attention to detail by Uunaa. She did her best to place us in gers that belong to nomad families and the animals they had kept our daughters entertained for hours –dozens of baby goats and horses now have English names.
The guide, Sunny, was excellent, full of enthusiasm and became a big sister . And showed the kids how to cook dumplings and play traditional games. The driver was excellent and we just had a great time.
Uunaa was full of patience and advice from the start and we even met her lovely family. Can’t imagine that there is a better way to see Mongolia.

John Duerden from England

Great local tour company in Mongolia !!! Amazing experience !!!

Great local tour company in Mongolia !!! Amazing experience !!!

Our family travelled with Man of Millennium Tours in Aug’18 on a private 10-day Gobi and Central Mongolia custom tour . And we were very happy to have used their services while visiting this amazing country.
We had an amazing experience thanks to Man of Millennium Tours
Ms. Uunaa, the owner, was very professional, responsive, and met all of our needs without any hesitation. Throughout the trip she would call our guide to make sure everything was ok with us. Ms. Sana, our guide, was very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and excited to show us around. And she speaks perfect English and cooks delicious meals. Mr. Suma, our driver, was very professional, courteous, and knows all dirty roads in Mongolia. Specially in the Gobi desert where multiple drivers called him either asking for directions or to follow him. He kept the car always clean and was always willing to stop for pictures. When traveling in Mongolia, having an expert driver is a must.
The booking process was very simple
Ms. Uunaa responded to my trip inquiry right way despite the 12 hours time difference to the U.S.. She suggested some itinerary changes to my initial proposal and did everything to accommodate our requests. Since they are a local tour operator and there is no middle man, the cost of the tour was much better than some other tour operators we had researched, specially the ones in the U.S. which were way more expensive despite offering similar tours and accommodations.
We strongly recommend Mongolia tour operators Man of Millennium Tours when visiting Mongolia. They really made the difference by making our trip an amazing experience.

Dennis Mendoca from USA

the 8day gobi + central mongolia tour

the 8day gobi + central mongolia tour

Prior to the trip, uugan was very efficient in replying to my queries and was great help in finding like-minded travel buddies.Our flight was delayed and we had to make some last minute adjustments to the tour itinerary. But she settled it with no fuss and even generously offered her place for us to spend the night. It was also a nice gesture to call to check on us during the trip to make sure we are ok
Our guide
Solongo is so fun-loving and jovial and cooks very well too. I never expected such a wide variety of local and western/asian food from a tiny kitchen (or sometimes no kitchen available) in a ger. It was like travelling with a good friend and we definitely enjoyed her company and her stories.. The tour will not be the same without her!
Our driver
Batbatoor made sure our car ride was smooth and with good tunes. He made plenty of nice stops along the way so we could visit the nomadic ger families, do some phototaking or to pee And the good thing is that they provide good modern cars for the trip (not the old soviet vans which seem cool-looking but actually not comfy at all for long distance journeys).
Honestly, everyday was a blast and even the ger accommodation were beyond my expectations. My personal highlights of the trip were yol valley, khongor sand dunes and ongi area.
I highly recommend choosing man of millenium tour- very well-organised, safe, reliable, affordably priced and fun! Also a bonus that it was a small intimate group I will be back! Mongolia tour operators

Vina Sim from Singapore

We had an amazing trip with Man of Millenium

From the beginning Uuna, the manager nicely let us use her flat in UB. Uuna is very flexible and caring.
We couldn’t have dreamt of a better first experience in Mongolia.
Sunny our guide made sure that everything was perfect for us. Her meals were delicious. She’s loving and very good fun. As far as our driver is concerned, Baggii, he drives very carefully and stops when you need to. All in all we had the most enriching trip we could possibly have.
We would definitely recommend Mongolia tour operators Man Of Millenium for their professionalism !

Charlène Potignon from France

I went on the 18 day Classic Mongolia tour in July

There was a lot of information on the website including up front pricing that we didn’t see on any other sites when we were researching. The Man of Millennium prices were very good, as we were on a budget this was a big factor for us. We didn’t see better prices from the other companies we contacted.
We met with Uuna in Ulaanbaatar to talk about the details of the tour.As she worked as a tour guide before starting her own company, she answered all of our questions and also had advice on what to bring and what to expect. This previous guiding experience is really valuable as she really understands what makes a good tour and this shows in her organisation.
We had seen on the website that there were a couple of other people booked onto the same tour that we were interested in and as the dates worked for us she arranged for us to join their group.
During the tour we stayed at a mixture of different Gers, some smaller ones run by a single family and some tourists camps, set up with showers and flushing toilets. It was a good balance as we never had to go too long without a shower
Mongolia is an amazing country to see but the people are what makes it so special. Our guide was really fun, knowledable and spoke very good English. As well as learning about the beautiful sites and interesting history of Mongolia, we were able to ask questions about modern Mongolian culture. Our driver was friendly, very experienced and always tried to give us the smoothest ride. The families we met along the way would always offer us Mongol tea and homemade snacks as they answered questions about their family and way of life.
I thoroughly enjoyed our tour and can’t recommended them highly enough. When you are looking for a Mongolian adventure, give this small company a try. You see all the same great sites of Mongolia. But also get an amazing personal service from Mongolia tour operators  the MOM team.

Adam Bedford from UK

We had a great experience of 9day tour with a very friendly guide and driver

Well taken care of, shared a lot of memories together, infact it doesn’t feel right to say guide or driver, they were simply our friends, getting along with our adhoc crazy plans and requests like randomly i would ask them to stop by and visit a family to take photos. They accomodated all our requests and infact they made additional efforts to get us try all the local food along the way, visit different parts of the places besides the planned itenarary. After every meal, we would go with them for a long walk, simply sit. And talk and even play games in the ger, drink Aarag, star watching at night together! I wouldnt have asked for more. Many memorable experience everyday with them that makes me want to go back.
Uugna, stayed on top of the schedule and checked on us often if everything is ok. One day we were ambitious to trek down the waterfall and almost lost the way to come up which gave a bit of trouble to get our way to the camp under darkness. I should commend the driver’s excpetional navigational skills in all the deserted areas, he is a human GPS! (Baack Battar, you rock!). They were co-ordintinng with Uugan and the family stay and when we reached we had a great time with them with home cooked local meal and drinks!
I specifically have to mention about all the three meals, well prepared and served. Very creative in making variety of different meal of our preference, throwing delicious surprise every time. we had ample food stock all along the way and our guide made all the efforts to prepare food sometimes very early in the morning if we have a long drive and took care of us like a mom(Solongo mommy though you are now my cute friend, younger than us, you are such a mom ) I can keep writing pages, but i will stop here.Mongolia tour operators
With all my hearty thanks to Uugna and team.  I fully recommend them to be trustworthy if you looking for an affordable tour with friendly, caring folks!

Faz Ahmed from Singapore

Such a wonderful experience!

So much joyful moments, not only the excellent spots that we visited, but the connections I made during the 4 days journey. The connection with our guide and driver, the local people, the freely roaming animals: dogs, cats, camels, horses. Once we were outside Ulan Batar, I saw this endless landscape, with rows of mountains and hills, flocks of sheep, goats, horses, camels scattered on extensive fields. I have been to many countries, but Mongolia is just beyond my expectations, beyond words to describe the natural beauty.
Baagii, our driver, is very experienced one: much of the roads are unpaved, but nothing is too difficult for him. High on the hills, down on valleys, traffy jam in the city. I felt very comfortable having him as a driver.
I could not ask for a better guide. Baynaa took very good care of us. He cooked, made fires, took us to worth while spots. Also made sure we were comfortable and listened to what we need.
All in all, it was unforgettable experience and I wish someday to visit this fascinating country again.

pattikaw from Malaysia

I can highly recommend Man of Millennium Tour

I approached the Tripadvisor Top 5 Mongolia tour operators through their websites and email and Uunaa. The director of Man of Millennium, was clearly the fastest and most effective in responding. And I had indicated the period for which I would like to book a tour. And she directly came with some affordable options I could choose from. So the planning and booking process went very smoothly.
Of course, you then always have to wait and see what the delivery of the tour will be like, but this was also excellent. We were happy to have Baynaa as our guide and Baagii as our driver. Baynaa speaks good English and is a very likeable person. He is a good and positive communicator and with his young enthusiasm manages to create a good atmosphere in the group. And he is not a man of just words, but has an excellent work ethic as well. He, for example, ensured that we never were cold in the yurts in which we stayed and always chopped wood and made fire for us. And he is also a good cook providing us with simple and tasty meals. The meal on our last evening was less simple: It was the Mongolian barbeque and although I am not much of a meat eater, I was happy to experience the way in which Baynaa and Baagii together prepared that meal. I can highly recommend it, I think it is quite

Serge Rijsdijk from the Netherlands