Central Mongolia Tours

Central Mongolian Tours

Central Mongolia is the Mongolian heartland, loaded with both historical sites and natural beauty. And with plenty of scope to horse-trek over forested mountains, camp by pretty lakes or soak in hot springs.

Highlights of Central Mongolian Tours

Kharkhorum, Orkhon waterfall, Khorgo and Terkh National Park, Horse riding, Hot spa etc…

KharKhorum (Karkorum)  was the capital of the Mongolian Empire between 1235 and 1260. Erdene Zuu monastery stands near Karakorum. Various construction materials were taken from the ruin to build this monastery.

Dening Hall built in 1270 during the Mongol Yuan Dynasty closely resembles the lost palace architecture of Mongol Dadu (Beijing) and Karakorum.

The actual location of Karakorum was long unclear.   Central Mongolia Tour

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