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Yol valley

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Yol valley

Yoliin Am is  about 60 kilometres (37 miles) Southwest Dalanzadgad, in the mountains of Züün Saikhan .Yol valley forms a gorge that is so deep and so narrow, that only two persons can pass in some places. The water forms four small waterfalls. Although the sun shines a lot in this region, the canyon remains dark, so that in the bottom, a part of the river remains nearly all year long covered by a thick layer of ice. Here, travelers can discover permanent glaciersendemic plants, and rare animals such as Siberian ibex, argalis, or bearded vultures. Snow leopards and other predators also live in the Yol Valley area.  Enjoy small hiking and photographing the charming landscape and wildlife.

You can hike, bike or hire a horse and ride here. Along the way, you’ll see herds of shaggy yaks and, if you’re lucky, an ibex. You’ll have to dismount your horse or mountain bike near where vendors gather to sell handicrafts in order to walk far enough for photo ops of the stunning glacier. Travel Mongolia and discover Gobi

A bit of history: it’s said that Russian military units once used the gorge as a butchery and a kind of walk-in freezer where their meat would remain preserved from autumn until the summertime. Gobi Tours

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