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Northern Mongolia

Urantogoo Uul

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Urantogoo Uul

Urantogoo Uul is an extinct volcano located on the western side of the Uran Togoo Natural Monument in Bulgan province, situated 80 km west of Bulgan town. The Uran Togoo Tulga Uul Natural Monument is a remarkable landmark where rolling grasslands meet the foothills of the Khangai Mountains. The soil here is incredibly fertile, supporting the growth of plants typical of the steppe and forest-steppe regions. In the shadowy areas of the mountains, you’ll find scattered forests of larch, aspen, and birch trees.

Urantogoo Uul’s highest point offers unobstructed panoramic views of the volcanic field, distant blue mountains, and valleys dotted with sheep herds, resembling pearls on a green carpet. Trails leading to the volcano’s summit ascend from the west side, which also boasts some nice camping spots. Uran Togoo provides excellent opportunities for observing and understanding volcanic formations and can be climbed in a day from the shaded side. The ascent is steep but manageable. There is a paved road that spirals around the volcano, allowing visitors to drive up to a parking lot at the rim.

Uran Togoo Uul serves as a convenient stopping point on the journey to Khuvsgul Lake. The area is rich in exceptional flora and fauna. The fertile environment, a result of lava flows thousands of years ago, supports various bird species like Grouse, Sparrow, Owl, Falcon, Cuckoo, and Hoopoe. You can also encounter deer, argali sheep, wild boar, wild goats, marmots, gophers, and steppe rabbits in this region.

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