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Urantogoo Uul

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Urantogoo Uul

Uran is an extinct volcano in the western side of Uran-Togoo Tulga Uul Natural Monument in Bulgan province, 80 km west of Bulgan town. Uran means “Artistic”, Mongols named it so because its ridge of the crater is one of many examples of circles that arise in nature resembled a nice creature of a craftsman.The area is situated in the Khutag-Öndör district of Bulgan Province. A smaller area was initially protected in 1965 Again in 1995, it was designated as a Natural Monument with an area of 5,800 hectares. The peak over 1686 m form a circle-shaped ridge about 500 m across that contains a crater lake at about 20 m wide and 1.5 m deep. The Uran and surrounding others are considered to be the remnant of an extinct stratovolcano which formed between about 20-25 thousands years ago.
Also, Uran’s highest point provides unobstructed, panoramic views of the volcanic field, distant blue mountains and valleys filled by sheep herd like threw pearls on green carpet. Uran Volcano also offers visitors excellent opportunities for observing and understanding volcanic formation. The large volcanic field surrounding the monument contains recognizable volcanoes such as Tulga, means “Tripod”, Jalavch – “pot”, Togoo – “cauldron” which are located 12 km south of the Uran uul. Northern Tour


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