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Northern Mongolia

Khuvsgul Lake Mongolia

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Explore Khuvsgul Lake

Khuvsgul Lake Mongolia

Khuvsgul Lake is a major tourist attraction in Mongolia. Ranked as the second-largest freshwater lake in Asia, Khuwsgul Lake holds nearly 70% of Mongolia’s freshwater. This makes it a significant natural reservoir, representing about 0.4% of all the freshwater worldwide.

Ninety-six rivers and streams flow into Khovsgol, but only one, the Egiin Gol river, drains from it. In 1992, the land around Khovsgul Lake was designated as a National Conservation Park. This park is encompassed by majestic mountains covered in dense pine and larch forests. This area is a haven for unique wildlife, including Argali sheep, Ibex, Bears, Sables, Moose, and Wolves.

In the Khuvsgul province, some of the last reindeer herders in the world live in the mountain forests near the lake. These herders belong to two main groups, some in the Western Taiga and others in the Eastern Taiga. Both groups can easily reach the Darkhad depression or Khovsgol Lake on horseback. When you’re in the Khuwsgul Lake area, don’t miss these activities: hiking in the forests, horse riding, sailing, and boating.

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