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Naadam festival

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Naadam festival

Naadam festival is a big celebration in Mongolia every July 11 to 13. People across the country come together for three main games: horse racing, wrestling, and archery. Mongolians wear special clothes and use unique tools during the Naadam festival. Everyone, young and old, can join in, making Naadam a time for togetherness. The sports reflect Mongolian life and traditions and are usually passed down in families, though formal training is becoming common for wrestling and archery. Naadam kicks off with a grand opening ceremony featuring soldiers, monks, and athletes. The festival happens in July, the most pleasant month in Mongolia. People make the most of it by traveling, camping, and gathering with their families and friends.

Wrestling : Mongolian wrestling, known as Bökh, features wrestlers in special outfits aiming to make their opponents touch the ground with any body part except feet or hands.

Horse Racing : Mongolian horse racing differs from Western horse racing. Young jockeys, some as young as five, ride highly trained horses over long distances, often 15 to 30 kilometers, reflecting the nomadic way of life.

Archery : Mongolian archery involves shooting at targets from a distance while riding on horseback. Both men and women participate, making it a unique and integral part of the Naadam Festival.

In addition to these events, Naadam also includes cultural performances, traditional music, dance, and various festivities. The festival holds immense historical and cultural importance in Mongolia, showcasing the nation’s nomadic heritage and the essential skills needed for survival in Mongolia’s challenging environment.

Join us in Mongolia to experience the joy of Naadam Festival!”

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