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Central Mongolia

terkhiin tsagaan lake

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Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake

This national park is the highlight of Arkhangai province. Because of volcanic eruptions, nature has a very unique formation. The Terkhiin tsagaan lake is the jewel of Arkhangai. And  it is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country. It is situated at an altitude of 2.060 meters. The biggest river which is one of the 10 rivers flowing into the lake is Terkh river. Also only one river flows from the lake is Suman River. There is a small island at the middle of the lake, birds make their nest and lay eggs. And the Lake is extremely beautiful with fresh water and rich species of fish and birds.

Horgo Volcano

Khorgo Volcano – Khorgo is located on the northern part of Khangai Mountain Range at an altitude of 2965m above sea level and about 700 km from UB, 4km from Tariat soum of Arkhangai province. Horgo volcano is dead volcano covered with basalt. The volcano crater of the Togoo Uul is 200m wide and 100 deep. The park has 1600 species of plants 46 species of mammals, 227 species of birds, 2 species of reptiles, 12 species of fish home to Roe Deer; Sibirean Deer; Wolf; Pallas Cat; Red Fox and Sibirean Marmot. Golden Eagle; Great Bustard; Saker Falcon; Black Stork; Baikal Teal and Ruddy Shelduch rule the skies.


An ancient time, a mother and son were living this land and they carried their drink water from small fountain from the deep of ground. After they take some water they have to bung it. But one day son went to this fountain to take drink water but he forgot to bung it after take and he slept next to the fountain. Later some minutes this some area covered by huge water and son’s mother worried about his son and she take top of mountain named “Uran mandal”, bung the fountain. Since that time this lake is exist here. The top of “Uran mandal” mountain is Small Island that mentioned above. Travel Mongolia and discover Terkhiin tsagaan lake.

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