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Khongor sand dunes

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Khongoriin Els

Khongor sand dunes

Khongor sand dunes is located 763 km away to the south west of Ulaanbaatar city in Umnugobi province. This is the biggest sand massifs in Mongolia, which covers 180km long area between Gurvan Saikhan and Nemegt Ranges belonging to Gobi Altai Range.The sounds of shifting sand blown by the wind have given Khongor the nickname “Singing Sand Dunes”, Hongor Sand Dunes stretches more than 180 km (112 miles) with majestic heights of 15-30 m. The largest dunes are North West of the range up to 800 meters high.The sands have attractive curves which end in a sharp edge, making wave like patterns on the sand. They continually change shape due to wind and reflect yellow-white colors as the intensity of light changes during the day. You can climb to the top of the sand dunes and slide down: simultaneously the dune begins to make an amazing sound: similar to singing. From the top of the sand dunes, the view of the desert is awesome. Although it could be a little challenging to get to the top of the Dunes, the breathtaking scenery and a vast landscape are always worth it. Experience the endangered two-humped Bactrian camels and big open blue skies in the Gobi Desert. Travel to Mongolia with us;) Gobi tours

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