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Genghis Khan Statue complex

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Genghis Khan Statue complex

Genghis Khan statue complex is located 54 kilometres from the capital city Ulaanbaatar. The equestrian statue of Genghis Khan was built in 2008 on the occasion of the eight-hundredth anniversary of the foundation of the Mongolian Empire, in honor of its founder, Genghis Khan.  The statue in total is 40m high from the surface erected at about 10 m high foundation. It was built here, so the legend goes, because this was the spot where Genghis Khan found a golden whip. The statue is turned towards the East, towards the conqueror’s place of birth. It stands on a 10-metres high base that is surrounded by 36 columns representing the 36 kings Mongolia experienced during its history, from the first one, Genghis Khan, to the last one, Ligden Khan.
The complex includes an impressive museum (with Hunnu artefacts and items from the Mongol empire), a cafe and a souvenir shop. A short film describes how the monument was built. Visitors walk to the head of the horse through its chest and neck, where they can have a panoramic view. Also this place is famous for its photo spot with wild birds. Visitors can take a picture with a golden eagle or vulture on their hand. Travel to Mongolia and Explore Genghis Khan Statue complex Tour.

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