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Mongolia Gobi


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Travel to Mongolia and explore this fascinating site Bayanzag!


Flaming Cliffs (Bayanzag), also known as the “flaming cliffs” due to their ochre and red colors, are located approximately 100 km (62.14 miles) northwest of Dalanzadgad. Bayanzag means “rich in saxaul.” This thorny shrub, measuring approximately two meters high, proliferates in the surroundings and serves as a good source of food for camels. This plain features numerous sedimentary sand cliffs where dinosaur fossils found. In 1922, the paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews was the first to discover dinosaur bones and eggs here. They belonged to a horned, herbivorous dinosaur measuring two meters long that had not been identified yet. After this discovery, this dinosaur named Protoceratops Andrews. The excavations lasted for two years, during which many hundreds of bones were unearthed. During this period, Andrews and his team discovered a dinosaur’s nest with a clutch of eggs. This discovery captured the attention of the entire world.  Gobi Tours

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