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Eastern Mongolia

East Mongolia

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East Mongolia

It is located in East Mongolia are a miracle of verdant grassland, endless steppe, Golden sand dunes, beautiful lakes, mineral springs and mountains are perfection of nature.This steppe is home to rich wildlife, especially as the largest grassland in the world with wide range of species particularly thousands of white Mongolian gazelles and other species. The Eastern Mongolia Protected Area covers a representative part of the last of the great plain ecosystem.  Gently rolling steppe is a characteristic of the protected area, which extends for over 200 kilometers along the Chinese border. This area is located in Dornod aimag and Sukhbaatar aimag and is the only representative of the steppe land region which has not been impacted by economic activities. It encompasses 570,374 hectares of area around Menen steppe. The East Mongolia Protected area is a home to 25 species of mammal, dominated by herds of gazelle (over 70% of the white gazelle population of Mongolia inhabit this area). The protected area is only a small part of eastern Mongolia’s vast steppe.

It is also famous for its numerous unique historical sites mark the vicinity, including Chinggis Wall (ruins of ancient Arig town), Huduu Aral; where in 1206 Temuujin destined the reign over all Mongolian tribes, was given a title of Chinggis Khaan (Lord mighty as Ocean) by High commission of Mongol Nobles, Traditional folk songs, blacksmith and silversmith skills and handcrafts of Dariganga people as well as Buddhist temples and rock statues of local nobility dated back to the begin of first millennium are famous throughout Mongolia.

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