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Telephones calls in Mongolia

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Telephones calls in Mongolia

There are number of mobile phone operators including Unitel, Mobicom, Skytel and G-Mobile that introduced GSM and CDMA/EVDO mobile communication networks in areas from Western to Eastern, Northern to Southern Mongolia. Don’t be surprised to see herders roaming the countryside with satellites so they can get the latest news and play games on their smart phones when they’re not tending to the herd.
While traveling through Mongolia, it would be a good idea to get yourself a SIM card. They are cheap, easy to reload, and will definitely come in handy.

Buying Sim Card

Buying a SIM card in Mongolia will probably work out cheaper than paying roaming charges on your home country network.
Mobicom booths can be found in the Central Post Office and on the 5th floor of the State Department Store. Buy a SIM card (around T7000), and top up with units as needed. It is free to receive calls, and text messaging charges are almost negligible.
Every aimag capital (and many sum centres) has mobile-phone service, and calls are fairly cheap, making this a good way to keep in touch with home. If a sum centre is not covered by Mobicom, it probably will be covered by an alternative network, such as G-Mobile.
It’s a good idea to have a phone while travelling in the countryside, as it allows you to communicate with your tour operator should problems arise on your trip. You can also use it to call ger camps or hotels to make a reservation.
If you have a smartphone (Edge, 3G or 4G), you should be able to access the internet with a local SIM card.

Telephones calls in Mongolia

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